8 x 20 office trailer for sale

8 x 20 Office Trailers

The 8×20 office trailer is a popular choice among many sectors, including construction, engineering, and retail, due to its compact footprint and ample space for managing on-site operations.

This size mobile trailer offers a balance between portability and functionality, serving as a hub for businesses requiring a temporary or semi-permanent office environment.

The 8×20 office trailer is a compact, mobile space solution widely used across multiple industries for
on-site operations and administrative work.

trailer specifications


Ceiling Height
160 sqft

Interior Space
8 x 20

Exterior Frame
  • The 8×20 size is ideal for temporary or semi-permanent workspaces in various industries.
  • Customizable design and setup promotes adaptability for any industry.
  • Streamlined installation and ease of transport contribute to the efficacy of these mobile offices.
8x20 construction trailer
8×20 costs

purchase vs rental pricing

Purchasing an 8×20 office trailer is often a long-term investment for businesses requiring permanent or semi-permanent mobile office solutions. Purchase prices can range from $12,100 to $46,000, depending on the customization and condition of the unit.

Renting an office trailer provides flexibility with minimal upfront costs, suitable for temporary projects. Monthly rental rates generally vary from $100 to $500, influenced by the features included and the trailer’s condition.

8 x 20 uses

common Use Cases